Top Reasons to do research in Bioinformatics/Computational Biology
This article lists the top ten reasons why it's worth pursuing research in Bioinformatics/Computational Biology. Additionally, this post lists reasons why bioinformatics should get more attention in this post-genomic era.

Ten Simple Rules by PLoS Computational Biology
This article series by PLoS Computational Biology Editor-in-Chief Philip E. Bourne, sometimes with collaborators provide a quick, concentrated guide for mastering some of the professional challenges research scientists face in their careers.

How Not to Be a Bioinformatician
A set of basic guidelines and a code of conduct is hereby presented by Manuel Corpas, Segun Fatumo and Reinhard Schneider to re-address that imbalance for fellow-practitioners whose aim is to not to succeed in their chosen bioinformatics field.

Top Journals in Bioinformatics & Computational Biology
Ranked Journal list by Google Scholar Metrics.

Bioinformatics Pocket Reference
A very useful article about popular cheat sheets for bioinformatics.

ISCB RSG-UK Bioinformatics Journal Picks in Citeulike
Keep up to date with latest research in bioinformatics and computatiuonal biology by subscribing to the ISCB RSG-UK Journal Picks group at CiteUlike.


Get Inspired by Bioinformatics-themed TED Talks

Genomics 101 by Barry Schuler

On the verge of creating synthetic life by Craig Venter

The life code that will reshape the future by Juan Enriquez

Using biology to rethink the energy challenge by Juan Enriquez


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